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Set 1 - Lesson 13 - Answer Key

Exercise A:

1. I need to go to the store to buy two dozen eggs.

2. Too many criminals spend too little time in jail for failing to obey the law.

3. Two months ago, I drove to Virginia to visit my daughter.

4. George decided the test was too easy for him, but he waited two hours to take it to the teacher's desk.

5. Three drinks is two too many to be able to drive safely.


Exercise B:

1. The coach said it's up to me to decide if they're going to run or pass the ball.

2. They're going to invite me to their party so I can learn who's getting married next.

3. "Put your gloves and boots on if you're going to play in the snow,"  Mother said.

4. Who's taking your children to the park if it's raining?

5. The company picked its new president by asking the workers who their choice would be.


1. The check arrived too late for the family whose electricity would be turned off.

2. Your two rear tires have too little air in them for you to drive safely.

3. When dancers go to auditions, they're expected to take their own shoes with them.

4. It's too easy to blame others for your mistakes.

5. If you're finished with this lesson now, you can give it to another person.

6. "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to."

7. The umpire cried, "You're out!"  as the catcher tagged the runner.

8. Who's going for a drink after work and whose car will we take?

9. They're sure they lost their two children in the busy mall.

10. I talked to my neighbors about buying  their  two dogs, but one is too ugly and the other is too old.


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