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Learn to Write English Clearly and Correctly

Set 1 - Lesson 3 Answer Key


Exercise A: Answers will vary, but here are some possibilities.

1. two, the, some 6. five, several, a jar of
2. some, much, 10 gallons of 7. some, a truck full of
3. a, the, one 8. several, twenty, a few
4. some, a glass of 9. some, a lot of, a little bit of
5. four, many, a few 10. a quart of, a pint of, a glass of, some

Exercise B: Answers will vary, but here are some possibilities.

1. alcohol, water, beer, ice cream

2. feet, cars, basketball players

3. gravel, sand, snow, top soil

4. perfume, olive oil, nitroglycerine

5. deer, men, shovels, politicians

6. oxygen, iron, salt, water

7. rattlesnake, cup of coffee, baby

8. apple, olive, Indian, umbrella

9. love, trouble, water, pollution

10. dollars, minutes, ideas, aliens

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Exercise C:

1. gallons of water 2. corn 3. several 4. glasses of water 5. many, a lot of
6. buckets 7. several 8. is not much time 9. a few, some 10. head of cattle

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Examination:  Answers will vary, but here are some possibilities.

1. some dynamite, five koalas, several flat tires

2. a drop of perfume, bottles of pickle juice

3. 33 koalas,

4. several flat tires, some pizza, 33 flat tires, few olives

5. barrel of pickle juice, cup of pudding

6. Much hair, 

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