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 Set 3 - Lesson 6 - Answer Key

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Exercise A: Subject nouns

Mario the doctor my brother carrots Michael and the monkey
we six volleyballs Mr. Santorini four horses jumping

Exercise B: Transitive verbs

carry moves fills is drinking take
cuts was smoking sings remembered swam

Exercise C: Object nouns (direct objects)

pictures Coca-cola large paperclips the microphone supper
his mailbox cool weather the large snake moving dials

Exercise D:  Answers will vary, but here are some possibilities.

1. push, pushed, jump, jumped, tow, towed, crank, cranked, kick, kicked

2. The truck.....    The construction workers ......   We ......

3. ...his patients.     ...me.   .... his receptionist.   ... his stock report.

4. The janitor ....   My mother ....   The new recruit ...

5. ... the television cable.   ... a hole in the wall.    ...a piece of cheese.

6.  bombed, strafed, observed, saw, noticed, discovered

7. ... my change.    ... my blessings.    ...my fingers and toes.

8. My brother ... ,    I .... , The recycle truck ....

9. carried, dropped, threw, polished

10. Father always ... , The fox ... , Colonel Sanders


Examination:  Answers will vary, but here are some possibilities.

Mario can carry large paperclips. 

The doctor is drinking Coca-cola.

We remembered the large snake.

Mr. Santorini moves the microphone.

Mr. Santorini was smoking the large snake.

My brother fills his mailbox.

Carrots take cold weather.

Four horses carry his mailbox.

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