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Set 2 - Lesson 9 - Answer Key

Exercise A:

1. The nurse with a white dress walked her dog around the park.  The nurse in a white dress walked her dog from the park.

2. Before supper, my friend bought a newspaper from the drugstore.  During supper, my friend bought a newspaper in front of the drugstore.

3. Tony's wife for two weeks visited her cousin near the beach.  Tony's wife, after two weeks, visited her cousin on the beach.

4. A dog from the park has chased the mailman down the street.  A dog outside the park has chased the mailman across the street.

5. After the movie, John put his hand under the girl's arm.   In the movie, John put his hand around the girl's arm.

Exercise B:

1. The motorcycle jumped over the car.

2. In the morning, the cook made blueberry pancakes.

3. Tina threw seeds to the birds.

4. The little boys in the playground played tag.

5. Many people put tomatoes in their salad.

Exercise C: Answers given are not the only possible ones.

   1. In the morning, Betty decided to drive to school, in spite of her mother's warning.

    2. Rick went to work at the gas station because of a need for extra money.

    3. With respect to his fellow scientists, Dr. Barlow proceeded to destroy the case they had built in support of global warming.

    4. During (Before, Because of) a snow storm, the area schools often cancel classes in accordance with safety regulations.

    5. In the early days of our country, many citizens lived and worked on farms or in small towns instead of big cities.

Examination: Answers will vary widely.  Here are some possibilities.

1. The tall young woman in a bikini dived into the oceanBefore breakfast, the tall young woman dived through the window.

2. The two black cats with fluffy tails climbed the tall pine tree beside our house.   During the night under a full moon, the two black cats climbed the tall pine tree.

3. Martha from the office likes Henry from the shipping departmentFor some strange reason, Martha likes Henry with his bushy beard.

4. The soldiers on the front line fired their rifles at the enemyAfter the battle, the soldiers fired their rifles into the air.

5. My brother in New York drives a truck to work.   Between semesters, my brother drives a truck for extra money. 

6. In my town, some girls walk to school.   Some girls in the big cities walk up the stairs for exercise.

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