Learn to write Correct English  Intermediate Lessons

English is a rich and confusing language. It has borrowed words from French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, and many other languages. American English, as spoken in the United States and much of Canada, also includes many words taken from American Indian languages. To add to the confusion, English is basically a Germanic language that has been forced into a Latin grammatical framework and it does not always fit. Yet, even with all the difficulties involved in learning English, it has become the most widely used language in the world. The fact that it is widely used does not, however, mean that it is always used correctly or accurately, even by many native-born North Americans.


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Set 1 - Using the Correct Word

        Lesson 1 - Over-used words: DO and GET..

        Lesson 2 - Using SIT or SET and LIE or LAY.

        Lesson 3 - To HAVE, to WANT, to NEED..    

         Lesson 4 - THERE, THEIR, THEY'RE.

        Lesson 13 - More Sound-alike Words - TO, TOO, TWO and Others.

        Lesson 24 - Words That Are Often Confused: RISE, RAISE - LET, LEAVE, etc.

Set 2 - Parts of Speech

           Lesson 9 - Prepositional Phrases.  "Write on your paper with a pencil."

            Lesson 11 - Common Irregular Verbs: 'sing-sang; bring-brought; go-went, etc.'

            Lesson 12 - Words that modify nouns: 'Rubber baby buggy bumpers'

            Lesson 14 - Adverbs: 'Study these very carefully.'

            Lesson 21 - Connecting with Conjunctions

            Lesson 26 - Plenty of Pronouns

Set 3 - Building Sentences

            Lesson 5 - Simple sentences have no extras.

            Lesson 6 - Noun+Transitive Verb+Noun Sentences.  "John  likes Mary."

            Lesson 7 - Noun+Intransitive Verb Sentences.  "Mary reads."

            Lesson 8 - Sentence Word Order. A place for every  Part of Speech.

            Lesson 10 - Noun + Linking Verb + Noun and Noun + Linking Verb + Adjective Sentences."I am a teacher."  "You are intelligent."

Set 4 - Capitalization and Punctuation

            Lesson 15 - Introduction to Punctuation.

            Lesson 16 - End Punctuation  . ! ?

            Lesson 17 - Commas,,,

            Lesson 18 - Colons: Semi-colons; "Quotation Marks"

            Lesson 19 - Apostrophe ', [Brackets], Dash --, (Parentheses)

            Lesson 20 - Capitalization

Set 5 - The Finer Points of English

            Lesson 22 - To -ING or not to -ING, that is the question.

            Lesson 23 - Which Prepositions with Which Nouns?

            Lesson 25 - Words that are often confused.

            Lesson 27 - Homonyms

            Lesson 28 - Common Actions

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