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Favorite Songs from the 50's to the 80's

Learn about American Culture through the popular music of the time.

Practice reading Common English with the song Lyrics and with the biographies of the singers and bands at .

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Career Training

 OSHA required training classes.  Get OSHA required training and VPP help at Lancaster Safety Consulting where they provide occupational health and safety management services through OSHA training classes.

 "Get Licensed" offers classroom based and distance learning of  NCPLH Training courses. That means, training to become certified and then licensed in the hotel/hospitality/drink-serving industry, at least in the UK.

Diploma in Management Studies | Distance Learning Online Course.   Earning a Diploma in Management Studies though distance learning shows commitment to your career. Have a look at our online management courses & find one that's right for you.

 Barber Schools   If you are looking for a barber school in Texas, Ogle School is right for you!

Medical Billing Degree.  Find schools & colleges offering associate's degree in medical billing & coding.

 Language Services

Translation Service   Language solution for over 130 languages. Providing translation service, interpretation services, transcription service, desktop publishing, voice over, language typing, proofreading and editing.   

Translation Services.   Translation plus Is a professional language translation & interpretation service provider dedicated to providing accurate and culturally sensitive international communication services that meet and surpass industry standards.

Translation service in the U.K.  Translation company based in London, England, serving  businesses throughout the world.

 Chinese Courses; offers comprehensive online Chinese courses.


Advanced Education

 University courses UK   Find a University Course in UK. Classified directory of university courses in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Masters Degree Programs.   This is a well- organized and easy-to-use resource. There is a long list of areas of study or degree programs on the left side of the page. Each item in the list links to a description of the degree program, followed by a list of most, if not all, the schools that offer those degrees.  Click on a school and you are whisked right to the school's own catalog listing of the Master's program, with requirements and application information.  Good site.

Christian Colleges.   Christian Faith Colleges was designed to provide college bound students the opportunity to discover if faith based education is the right fit for their success. -- is a database of Open Course Ware that covers a wide range of different fields of study.  The site allows visitors to choose a level, a category and a subject and then be directed to  a school that offers programs for the same.

 Educational Services

 Bible Online     Bible Society is an advocate for the Bible in contemporary cultures, resourcing and influencing those who shape society and making the Bible heard by all.

  No-cost math worksheets, lesson, homework, and quizzes.  Math Worksheet Center is home to over 8,000 K-12 math worksheets, lessons, homework, and quizzes, as well as over 130  free math teaching and learning articles:

Math Worksheets:    Over 2,000 free printable math worksheets for teachers.

 Grants for College   Helping you with School Grants, Loans, Financial Aid, Scholarships and other educational needs.

Preschool Aurora Colorado - Brad Fordearly Education is a excellent Childcare Provider in specializes in developing young spirits, Hearts and Minds. Serving Greenwood Village and Aurora, Colorado areas. Call us at 303-770-8502 for more details!


Other Languages

Polish:  Language Holidays in Poland -   Site includes pictures, cultural information, step-by-step lessons, and an audio component that allows you to hear spoken Polish.  Instructions are in English.   Learn French, Spanish, German, Italian on a foreign language holiday from Hong Kong.  ITS Tutorial School can organize overseas language holidays for Hong Kong students.

Learn German guide, all about how to learn German and how to speak German.  Learn the Parts of Speech, grammar, subject-verb agreement, pronunciation and other elements of German.

Spanish language guide, the right site to learn Spanish language.  This site doesn't have any actual practice lessons that I could find.  It has explanations and examples of parts of speech, grammar and pronunciation, as well as links to more instructive sites.

French classes in Hong Kong .   Learn French in Hong Kong. Small classes for young children. 

Listen to real spoken Spanish.  Spanish Phrases that can used in many real-life situations can be heard on your computer through this site.

Learn Spanish in Chile.   .  Start learning Spanish today with our free quality online resources and prepare yourself for your study abroad experience in our online community for learning Spanish.

 Learn Spanish in Mexico.   Sol´┐Żxico Language and Cultural Centers provide students with the best opportunity to learn Spanish in Mexico.

Translation Company.     A  leader in Spanish translation and English to Spanish translations. Free quote or consultation. Quality at the best rates.  Expert Translator teams.

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