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In the Yard With Grass, a Pool, a Garden or a Patio

The boy is watching his father cook steaks on the grill. The worker is nailing new shingles on the roof.
A young woman might wear this swimming suit to sun-bathe or swim in a pool. He is having a difficult time pulling out the weed.
Planters full of flowers are on the patio. Many people use gasoline-powered lawnmowers.

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Yards, the grassy areas (usually) of land around houses in the United States, are used for a variety of activities.  Some people take pride in having the neatest, cleanest, most weed-free yard in the block, making their yards a place for work and effort.  Other people use their yards as a place for fun and entertainment by putting swing sets, sliding boards, sand boxes, patios and maybe swimming pools in them.  For still other people, a yard is mainly an area around their house for storing things they don't know where else to put: boats, old cars, bicycles, wagons, broken appliances, and so on.  Most people, however, are somewhere between these examples.  They mow their grass and do some trimming, but do not get upset if the yard is not always perfectly neat.  Their children play in the yard sometimes and may have some play equipment, but are just as likely to go to a friend's house or to the park to play.   There may be a  bicycle with a flat tire leaning against the garage along with an old car tire and a couple of rusty  buckets, but they are out of the way so it doesn't look too bad.

It is relaxing to lie in a hammock. Weeds grow better than vegetables in most gardens.
This yard has a tree, some planters and a lawn ornament. This is a folding stepladder. 
This is a neat, petite patio. A lawn sprinkler keeps the grass green in the yard.
This man was careless while he worked on the roof. This looks like a snow shovel.

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Expressions used in the yard:

  • "The grass is really getting long, Sam."
  • "I'll get to it this weekend."
  • "Johnny, I'd like you to mow the grass when you get home from school today."
  • "I can't.  The lawnmower's broken."
  • "You'll have to use the push mower then."
  • "Well, I think maybe the power mower is just out of gas."
  • "It's so peaceful out here on the patio!"
  • "Let's go sit on the patio where it's cooler."
  • "The sun's too hot on the patio; I'm going in the house."
  • "Children, put your bikes on the back porch before you come in for supper."
  • "Those flowers you planted along the front walk look so pretty!"
  • "Can we run through the sprinkler, Mom?"
  • "Can we squirt each other with the hose, Mom?"
  • "In the fall, we have to rake the leaves several times."
  • "The kids love to jump in the leaf pile."
  • "I shovel the sidewalks when it snows."
  • "I wish we had a snow thrower to do the driveway."
  • "Don't those dandelions in the yard look pretty?"
  • "I love sitting on the porch on a warm summer evening."
  • "The kids like the porch swing better."
  • "Let's go play on the swing set, Sarah."
  • "Daddy, will you push me?"
  • "Don't walk in front of the swings, Bobby.  You'll get hit."
  • "I'm going to stand up and swing."
  • "Jenny, sit down on that swing!"
  • "Do you want to play army in the sand box?"
  • I'd rather play with the trucks and bulldozers. We can pretend we're building a road."
  • "OK, but we have to be careful because the neighbor's cat comes over here sometimes."
  • "Harry, you've got to clean up that mess around the dog house."
  • "David, take the dog for a walk before you go play."
  • "I wish we had a swimming pool like the Smith's."
  • "May I invite Sue over to use the pool?"
  • "Don't go in the deep end right after you eat, boys."
  • "I have to mow the grass once a week."
  • "I should weed the garden, also."
  • "I use a weed-eater to trim around the house and along the fence."
  • "Help your dad shovel the car out after it stops snowing."
  • "Let's invite the Harrisons over for a barbecue this weekend."
  • "I'll have to clean the grill off first."

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The boy is finished swimming in the pool. Is the picnic table crooked or is the picture?
The bag is full of weeds and grass clippings. Sam is pushing the lawnmower.
People who live in the country use this type of mailbox. Part of a fenced-in yard with a flower bed.

You may print out this lesson from the web page.

Exercise A, verbs used in the yard: Write a meaning that has something to do with a yard for each verb below, and then use that verb in a sentence that you make up.

Verb Meaning Sentence
play, -s, -ed, -ing, -ed    
mow, -s, -ed, -ing, -ed    
push, -es, -ed, -ing, -ed    
plant, -s, -ed, -ing, -ed    
squirt, -s, -ed, -ing, -ed    
rake, -s, -d, raking, -d    
jump, -s, -ed, -ing, -ed    
shovel, -s, -ed, -ing, -ed    
walk, -s, -ed, -ing, -ed    
pretend, -s, -ed, -ing, -ed    
build, -s, built, -ing, built    
wish, -es, -ed, -ing, -ed    
invite, -s, -d, inviting, -d    
weed, -s, -ed, -ing, -ed    
trim, -s, trimmed, trimming, trimmed    
take, -s, took, taking, taken    
dive, -s, dived (or dove), diving, dived    
swim, -s, swam, swimming, swum    
hose, -s, -d, hosing, -d    


Exercise B, Nouns used in the yard:  In the space after each noun below, write a meaning that has something to do with  yards.

Noun Meaning Noun Meaning
grass   lawn  
lawnmower   shrubbery  
weed eater   clothes line  
garden   bird feeder  
sidewalk   patio  
fence   swing set  
weeds   deck  
flowers   car port  
driveway   lawn chair  
mailbox   picnic table  
porch   swimming pool  
flower bed   rake  
clippings   shovel  
gloves   boots  
snow blower   leaves  
yard   lawn ornament  
neighbor   curb  
grill   barbecue  


Exercise C: Fill the blanks in the following sentences with the correct nouns from the list above.

1. Mother always wore ____________ when she worked in the _____________.

2. Every fall, Mr. Thompson used his  __________ to gather all the _____________ into a large pile.

3. Modern ______________ put all the  ______________ that they cut into a large bag that attaches to the handles.

4. On summer evenings, my mother likes to sit on her ___________ with her nextdoor_____________ and talk about all the other people on the block.

5. There is a narrow _______________ beside the _______________ that leads to the front door.

6. Many people like to grow fresh vegetables in their _________________ in spite of all the ____________ they have to pull.

7. The whole family was sitting at the ______________ on the ______________ waiting for the steaks to come off the ______________.

8. City houses usually have a ______________ on the ____________ or next to the front door, but country houses put their _______________ on a post near the road.

9. Anne went to ask the ______________ across the street if she could cool off in their _______________.

10. The babysitter sat on a ______________ watching the children play on the _______________.


Answers:  Some of your answers may be different from ours.  That is OK as long as the answers make sense.  Be able to explain your choices.

1. gloves, garden (yard)

2. rake, leaves

3. lawnmowers, clippings

4. porch (patio), neighbor

5. flower bed, sidewalk

6. garden, weeds

7. picnic table, patio (deck), grill

8. mailbox, porch, mailbox

9. neighbor, pool (swimming pool)

10. lawn chair, swing set

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